You do actually have control of your own body.

June 23, 2011

In just these four weeks of summer session Dance at Mason Gross, my body and my dancing have changed so much.

I’ve been running three times a week for over a month now, building my distance and total run time gradually. I’m up to twenty-five solid minutes of running, and I do it in the morning before 8:15 ballet! It really helps to wake me up and gets my blood flowing. And as a mesomorph–thanks, Debra Keller, for the kinesiological knowledge–I find that cardiovascular exercise is the best warmup I can give myself before class starts.

In class this month, I’ve paid much attention to the articulation of my feet and the length of my lines, as well as the use of my legs’ adductors. I think a combination of these foci and the slimming/toning that running has caused have made my leg lines look longer and stronger. (Finally!) I have until now understood that my legs looked short because of the overdevelopment of my quadriceps and hamstrings. Now with running and attention to efficiency in my movement, things seem to be looking up.

It really goes to show that you do actually have control of your own body. If it’s unfit, exercise it. If it could be trimmer, examine your diet. If your legs are all too bulky, then run, do Pilates, and stop bounding up whole flights of stairs two at a time. Ha… I was afraid that the velocity of my progress as a dancer was beginning to decelerate, but I was wrong. It turns out that bringing my body new experiences will make it grow in different ways. Seems obvious enough.

Who knows what changes I’ll see in Jerusalem…

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