I’m going to Israel.

July 27, 2011

I had been putting off making a formal [social media] announcement explaining what I was going to be doing for the next year. But I had completely forgotten when I made my last blog post that I had linked my Twitter and Facebook accounts to my WordPress. I accidentally let the cat out of the bag. I’m a novice social media juggler, if you couldn’t tell. So here it is.

Yes, I’m going to Israel for one full academic year to continue my BFA Dance studies abroad! I’m quite looking forward to it. There was much thought that went into making the decision to apply, and the one guiding ideal that steered me in the direction of the Middle East is this: I am interested in diversifying my dance and life experience.

I truly embrace my individualism and all the unique experiences that make me the person I am. Marching band essentially led me to become a dancer. I was in and out, and back in, then back out, and now finally back in college. I’ve had work experience in food service and retail. I’ve lived with friends, with lovers, and (painfully) with ex-lovers. I’ve lived on couches! I’ve been away from my family for years at a time. I’ve met all kinds of people, and have found some of my best friends in the most unlikely places around the country. Now twenty-five years old and (somewhat restlessly) working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at Mason Gross, the opportunity to continue to diversify my life experience has come with Dance Jerusalem.

I look forward to a change in my cultural environment. Oh, to find the differences in what people wear, eat, say, and how they say it! I’ve heard such good things about the food. And just the pace of Israeli living… I won’t speculate too much before I actually get there.

And what of the dance culture? Israeli dance has a strong voice in New York that speaks with the movement language called Gaga. Is much of the contemporary scene in Israel influenced by Gaga? What other forms exist? Is ballet the same there? What are different Israeli companies like? Is it okay to step on the Marley floor with your sneakers in Israel? Can you stand directly sideways of the instructor as they demonstrate? What’s the dress like? There are so many questions that run through my mind, most of them trivial (and hopefully not too ignorant). I can’t help but wonder.

Friends, family, and colleagues… Please follow me on my adventures in Israel by subscribing to my blog. I haven’t ironed out all the details about what I want my consistent web presence to be like for the next year, but I have definitely decided to post much of my experiences in this blog. These posts will be forwarded as links on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I would like to have most of your thoughts, feedback, and conversations live on this blog as well!

Let’s stay connected…

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