Rutgers Summer Dance Conservatory

July 28, 2011

On a few occasions in the last week, it has been my pleasure to assist Randy James in teaching his repertory class as part of the Rutgers Summer Dance Conservatory. I had taken his Modern Dance Repertory class at Mason Gross in June, and had learned excerpts from two pieces from the repertory of Randy James Dance Works. With the choreography fresh in my mind (and in my journal, just in case), I taught a few movement phrases to the conservatory students.

It has been a while since I had taught choreography to high school age students, and I must say that I missed it. Teaching younger dancers is always a great reminder of how much I’ve actually learned myself. And always, it’s a fun game of sorts to figure out just the right things to say and demonstrations to provide to get through to as many students at a time as possible. I was glad to find that my enthusiasm and patience were there to serve me and the students. I look forward to the next time I teach, whenever that will be!

I hope I’m able to attend their performance tomorrow afternoon to see what they and the rest of the conservatory have been working on these two weeks. Also presenting repertory works are Mason Gross Dance faculty members John Evans and Brian Brooks. The informal (probably free?) showing is tomorrow at 4:30pm, at the Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater.

I have to give it to Barbara Bashaw and her camp/conservatory staff. They have a great summer program going on that demonstrates to prospective students the sort of instruction you get at Mason Gross Dance. It’s also VERY well organized. And, as you’ll come to learn, I’m a real stickler for that kind of attention…

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