Will you read my blog?

July 29, 2011

There remain 31 days until my departure for Israel.

This morning, I had received a Tweet from my sister, Marla, referring me to Klout, a website that measures for you your overall online influence. I was highly interested to see my web presence measured by the content of my posts and numbers of comments, @mentions, retweets, and subscribers. Who knew that there exists a whole game of strategy in social media! Check out my Klout profile to get an idea of how it works. I’ve linked Klout to my Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare accounts. Klout seems to be most interested in Twitter activity, but I’m not sure about why or what it all means.

One neat thing Klout does is evaluate your content, using a number of variables. For instance, my number one influencer on Twitter, Brandon, has a higher Klout score than I do because he tweets so much. He retweets a lot of things other people post, and in turn is retweeted often by his followers. It also says here that the three main topics he tweets about are cars, cereal, and alcohol. This evaluation of content made me really think. What am I posting for people to read? Is it my goal to generate more and more site traffic? Will quality content alone generate subscribers or do I need to market myself?

I asked Google the questions, and I landed on this blog, from ProBlogger.net:  How I’d Promote My Blog If I Were Starting Out Again. This was the answer. Five great tips on how to promote your blog! I spent the morning reading this and learning the basics of blog promotion psychology. Even if I don’t take all of the advice Darren Rowse provided, I at least have an idea of what people will and will not read, and what kinds of things they would be willing to share with others!

It’s neat to see how far I’m coming along in the blogging arena. Blogs I had kept in the past were more like frivolous online journals. They were filled with a lot of words about nothing, and were read only by a handful of close friends. As you can see, I have been pretty enthusiastic so far about preparing this new blog for my trip to Israel. It is my goal to generate a community of interested readers and to share as much information about my experience as possible.

I’ll try not to blog too much about blogging in the future.

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