Rob Burke performs in Cedar Lake 360º

August 1, 2011

There remain 28 days until my departure for Israel.

Last week, Evan and I attended two performances in New York City.

On Thursday evening, we saw Rob Burke perform with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in the Cedar Lake 360º installation as a culmination of his participation in the company’s first Summer Intensive.

Our other Mason Gross friends, Myssi Robinson, Kyle Marshall, and Tyner Dumortier, also participated in the intensive, but performed in the cast we weren’t able to see. This review from DancePulp.com paints a great picture of how the performance space was organized.

One sweet detail that especially grabbed my attention was the situation of two ramped stages. Rob had reported to me that they at first learned the movement on flat ground, and then had to re-stage it on the ramps. This reminded me immediately of Elizabeth Streb, and her idea that changing incline of your dance surface forced your body to be in a constant state of alertness, or something to that effect. Essentially, the movement executed is made more real because it is experiencing balance and gravity in a new way. Brilliant!

Cedar Lake, as I perceive it, is contemporary dance in one of its most exciting forms. I find the honesty and rigor of the movement to be incredibly intoxicating.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Hope to see you at more dance events around the city!

    DancePulp staff

    • No problem! Your review was right on. Thank you for the trackback mention!

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