Departure Day

August 29, 2011

It took me a week. I finally finished packing last night. It seems that I always leave packing until the last minute because I don’t really like the feeling of having nothing to do. I seem to find it more satisfying to stay up, pack, and get less sleep than I should.

I was allowed two 50-pound suitcases and ONE carry-on. I after I packed the bags, the first weighed about 40 pounds and the second weighed 60. After some negotiation and compromise, it worked out just fine. Who knew that pants and dance belts were so heavy?

Well, this is it! I’m off to Israel for ten full months. I am due at the airport at 10:00am to meet the group flight for check-in. We don’t fly until 1:30pm, so we’ll play a waiting game for a few hours, with security checkpoints inbetween. The flight is about ten hours, and I’ll arrive at 11:30pm EST. Israel is seven hours ahead of New Jersey. So when I get there, it’ll be Tuesday morning.

I’ve been so many places, and moved my life many times. But I must say, this departure has to be the toughest one yet, and not just because I am living in another country for almost a year. I’ve never anticipated being missed this much, and missing everyone in return.



The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in another world. And I’m sure I’ll have so much to tell you.


  1. have a safe flight =)

  2. don’t worry, we will keep you and kyle in mind here, carlo.

  3. Have a safe flight! ❤ Miss you already!

  4. Merde 🙂

  5. Thanks all for your sentiments! Arrived safely, and posts to come!

  6. You are in for a grand adventure! Soak up every minute and live life to the fullest!


    • You said it, Paulette! It’s almost exhausting how new and exciting everything is, and how everything happens all at once!

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