VIDEO: Student Village

September 1, 2011

Hello, friends! Since my Internet situation is still in the works, these posts come a day late from when I intend to write them! My apologies. It won’t be like this for very much longer as I’m getting the Internet taken care of TODAY.

I’m going to try my blogging hand at posting videos.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million!

This is the first and only take of this video, so I’ll let you be the judge regarding the quality. I discuss the series of events following our landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.



Watching this video over again, I noticed myself getting winded after I finished climbing the stairs! Let me take this opportunity to comment on the terrain and elevation! The area is full of gorgeous mountains and hills, which means the air is a little harder for my lungs to find right now. Running regularly will hopefully remedy that.

Please give me your comments and also your constructive criticisms.
I’d like to get better at vlogging, and post similar videos weekly.


  1. That…was awesome! Definitely prefer vlogging to blogging. I think it’s easier too, no? Cats..a lotta cats. Do they have a thing about cats like ancient Egyptians? and sheckles? wow…what a completely different world. Can’t help but be a little jealous. Glad you made it there safely ❤ Come home soon…or rather come to CA soon =)


  2. oh…and ps…you did an unusually good job at keeping yourself in the frame. what are you using???

    • I’m using my iPod Touch. It has a camera on the screen side so you can FaceTime, Skype, or just see what your video looks like while you’re taking it. Handy, huh!

  3. Wahh! So jealous! Hope you’re well!

    BTW my iPhone vlogs are so different from yours. I’m so spastic, but you’re so calm and collected. =)

    • Well, I had a list of things that I needed to talk about. Also, there were people around me in the Student Village and I was by myself. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself! Maybe I’ll be bold enough later on. 😉

  4. I like the cats

    • Evan, there are SO many more cats than I realized! I see them on the main campus, too. And this evening, I went to downtown Jerusalem, and they were just everywhere! And they’re not scary and sick looking like you would think… They’re really quite beautiful to see around.

    • ACTUALLY, I’m in the hallway in front of the library right now and I just got SCARED by a stray cat that got inside! HAHA!

  5. Carlo – love this! You were working the aperture of the camera really well to keep yourself and what you wanted us to see in the frame! I am glad you took my suggestion about snacks….enjoy, enjoy your adventures!

    Best, Julia

    • Thanks, Julia! The skill comes from having taken so many profile pictures, I won’t lie. I’ll tell you that my favorite snack here so far is called “Bamba,” like cheese puffs, but peanut butter flavored!

  6. […] anywhere. The City Hall station, the Central Bus Station, any university or Academy campus, the Kfar HaStudentim, cafes everywhere… You will use it to take photos, send emails and texts, pull up maps, […]

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