Pizza, Burgers, פלאפל, and Chai

September 4, 2011

Here’s my first foodie post. Note that I’m a foodie newbie, so my report isn’t too thorough. I’ve accumulated four different places that I’ve eaten so far here in Jerusalem:  Pizzal’a, Burgers Bar, a falafel place whose name I cannot yet read, and Aroma Cafe.


We visited this place for our first dinner out. I personally hadn’t eaten all day because it was a continuation of my commute, and I had completely forgotten to eat. I blame the jet lag. For fifty shekel, my roommates and I got a medium, regular pizza, and ate it outdoors. This place also sells ice cream. It could be gelato, but I didn’t take a very good look. The guy behind the counter told us that if we order a large, we’ll get two more slices and a free bottle of soda. Not bad. The pizza wasn’t the BEST I’d ever had, but it was prepared quite similarly to my favorite pizza place back home, Marina’s in Wallington. The dough was thin and crispy, and the cheese was alright. I’ve heard that Pizza Hut in Israel is good. And there’s a Domino’s down the street from the Student Village. College life…

Burgers Bar

This place can be found in the same complex as Pizzal’a, in the French Hill Neighborhood, a block from the Student Village’s north gate. It seems to be a chain here, as I saw one the other day on Ben Yehuda Street, downtown. Benny and I were really hungry the night we went, and hadn’t had a burger since we moved in. The menu behind the counter was in Hebrew, which was daunting, but they had menus in English for us to look at. We both got the lamb burger, with sides of potato slices. The burger was absolutely fantastic. The meat was so tender, and the entire burger stacked. Aside from the normal hamburger components, I had them add thousand island dressing. The potato slices were not crisp enough for me, but it could be because I expected them to be more like French fries. Oh, our meals, which included drinks, were 55 shekels each. We’ve decided to restrict our visits to special occasions. I apologize for the poor, lonely photo. I didn’t have my iPod on me when we went.


It’s falafel. When the group of us went to Mahane Yehuda Market, the first stop we made was for falafel. It was a little hole in the wall shop, and ordering was pretty straightforward. It’s United States equivalent is the taqueria, or hot dog cart. I got a half wrap with falafel and other things in it. I put a mystery sauce on it that ended up tasting like tamarind. Everyone was satisfied with this lunch! The photos are of my roommates and myself. Oh yeah… I think I paid only 11 shekels for this meal. Hooray for cheap eats!

Aroma Espresso Bar

A little closer to home, this place is the Starbucks or Panera equivalent on campus. It’s the first coffee shop on the walk from the Student Village to the Rothberg International School building. Today, Benny and I had a break between classes, so we popped in for lunch. We both got the tuna sandwich. Standard. He ordered an iced chocolate drink, which can be likened to a Frappuccino. I ordered a chai latte, with a beautiful cinnamon-foam situation on top. Our meals were 44 shekels each, which was way too much for what it was. That’ll teach us to pack lunch!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this foodie post. I will try in the future to have more consistent pictures and descriptions of the food and places I go. I look forward to breaking away from the fast food chains the more I explore Israel. Here’s to eating delicious foods, and telling you all about it!


  1. ooh! tamarind sauce!

    • I was actually pretty excited to be able to put my finger on the flavor. I won’t lie though… I haven’t really liked the taste of tamarind since I was little. I think I was hoping for the sauce to taste like a mustard. It was so bright yellow, almost like honey mustard! Ha!

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