SHUK (n): open air market

September 4, 2011

On Thursday, we finally went to “The Shuk” in downtown Jerusalem. I think it’s name is Mahane Yehuda Market. As I understand it, the shuk is an open air market where I should be doing most of my grocery shopping because it’s cheaper than shopping at a grocery store. It was a little overwhelming at first, because I’d never seen such a setup. Also, I witnessed my friends haggling for prices–a skill I’m sure to get better at the more I go, and the more Hebrew I learn. I bought candy, some fruits and vegetables, and some items for the dorm.


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The light rail was a nice way to get downtown, and my first use of public transportation in Israel. It was free because the system is pretty new. We’ll have to pay from now on though. I’m not sure how much it actually costs.

I just can’t express how delicious the candy in that last photo is. The middle is pink, and a texture between mousse and taffy. The outside is like a fruit roll up, wrapped around it. It tastes like sweet watermelon candy! When I go back, I’m buying a WHOLE BAG.

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