Tentative Class Schedule

September 12, 2011

I sat with Paul Bloom today for a casual advising session.

I decided on the spot to split my two academic RIS classes between Monday and Wednesday, dance the most intensively Sunday through Tuesday, and leave the rest of my schedule lighter, with room for other opportunities or rehearsals [or rest!]. Highly tentative right now, with a whole month to let things sink in. I just wanted you to see exactly what I see!

Make of it what you can.

All I can say is I really wish I had room in my schedule to continue studying Hebrew. It’s growing on me!


  1. cunningham, gaga, and graham? ughhh you’re gonna come back and be epic! haha

    • Not to mention, there’s a good amount of ballet, all taught by men!

  2. hey carlo,
    you might be able to find a tutor who might be able to work with you one-on-one on hebrew… especially, since you plan to spend more time after january, getting some fluency might be a very good investment. especially if you are getting some momentum from the ulpan, keeping your language training going could be good. otherwise, what a cool schedule: like will says, graham, cunningham, and gaga: that’s amazing. plus, all those male ballet teachers!

    • Yes, Jeff! That’s exactly why I want to continue my study in Hebrew. Also, the language study is phenomenal brain exercise… We’ll see how my schedule holds up in practice!

  3. Can’t wait to see what your production class involves. Send pictures!

    • Jacqueline, I’m pretty stoked about this class too! I’ve heard that the instructor has had choreographic experience with some interesting production elements… Time will tell! I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Wow, your blog looks great! I am going to be taking notes from your book of great blogging! Good luck with your endeavors!

    • Thanks a lot, Melody! Good luck to you again!

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