Not Everything’s About Israel

September 14, 2011

בוקר טוב, everyone!

I’ve realized that all my posts have been about the novelty of being here in Jerusalem. Yes, my purpose here is to report all of my foreign adventures, but I’ve been recently reminded that at the end of the day, I am a student and a dancer, and it almost doesn’t matter where I am.

…because when I lie in my bed at night, I’m still hoping the sleep I get is enough.
…and when I wake up in the morning, I’m sore in all the familiar places.

I’m sore. I thought I had dodged the bullet of first-week-back soreness last week. I thought the running had actually paid off, and that my strength and stamina were holding up. I… miscalculated? I think perhaps I’m not as well hydrated this week. Or maybe last week finally caught up with me. Or maybe the classes have just been cranked up a notch. The Vertigo and Gaga classes both are working us out so much, physically and mentally. I sweat a lot in class, and my middle back is feeling especially raw this morning. I even got a bruise on my hip and a sore right triceps from a roll to the ground we did on Monday. Long story short, I’ve taken inventory and it’s time to replenish!

As far as Hebrew goes, it’s a real fight to stay with it. It’s just crazy how fast they had us reading Hebrew. We’re learning tons of vocabulary now. There’s a quiz/test on both today. If I hadn’t mentioned before, Ulpan is five hours long. It’s manageable because there are breaks, but it really is mentally draining, especially if you struggle to understand what’s going on in class. I’m convinced, however, that it’s great brain exercise, and my goal for this month is to complete Ulpan with conversational tourist skills. I WILL be able to manage at the Shuk, and read menus rather quickly.

I counted the hours yesterday:

  • Wake up with time to get ready/ commute
  • Ulpan for five hours
  • Time to commute across Jerusalem
  • Three hours of dance technique and repertory
  • Commute back to the Student Village
  • Homework/ Unwinding/ Socializing/ Licking My Wounds
It’s over twelve hours of engagement! Talk about an intensive!
I don’t mean to complain; just to give an accurate account of what it feels like!
But hey, I know I’m not alone. All my friends here AND back home at Mason Gross, are just getting back into the craziness of university dance–the academics, the physicality, the soreness, the rehearsals… Here’s to pushing through these first weeks and getting back into the swing of things.
Here’s to dance life! לחיים!


  1. here’s to dance, indeed! you’re expanding in so many ways.


  2. Thanks, Jeff!

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