Experiencing Vertigo: The Lay of the Land

September 24, 2011

My twenty-four hour stay at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village was packed with amazing things to do and see. I decided to break it up into multiple blog posts, to avoid overwhelming you and trivializing each special experience.

In this post, I describe the layout of the Vertigo Eco-Art Village, so you can get a feel for where we spent our time, and what everything looked like.

The Vertigo Eco-Art Village lives within the Kibbutz* Netiv HaLamed-Hey. In the interest of getting the information wrong, please visit the link to learn the specifics of how the village started. Just know that the main tenets behind the village are ecology, sustainability, and collectivism in support of the creative mind.



Welcome to the Vertigo Eco-Art Village

DanceJerusalem descending into the Village

View of the Mountains

The Lobby/ Living Room

The First Studio, through the Wall

Panoramic on the Veranda

Inside the Studio around Sunset

View from the Dining Area

Standing on the Veranda Again



Please enjoy these videos, where I show you around the inside of the village. Also, pardon my congestion, as it was early in the morning and COLD out!






Wikipedia.org Footnote

kibbutz (Hebrew: קיבוץ, קִבּוּץ, lit. “gathering, clustering”; plural kibbutzim) is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. Today, farming has been partly supplanted by other economic branches, including industrial plants and high-tech enterprises. Kibbutzim began as utopian communities, a combination of socialism and Zionism. In recent decades, some kibbutzim have been privatized and changes have been made in the communal lifestyle. A member of a kibbutz is called a kibbutznik (Hebrew: קִבּוּצְנִיק‎‎).


  1. looks like a really cool place!!!

    • I really did love this place so much. I wonder if I can go back…

  2. hey carlo,
    since you’ll be staying later in the spring, maybe explore the possibility of a work-study situation at the kibbutz? perhaps you can propose a creative project once you develop your practice this fall…
    a thought,

    • A novel idea! That interests me a great deal… To be continued.

  3. Hey Carlo,
    Thank you for being open and willing to sharing your experiences with us. I think it’s great that you’re getting to really explore both as an individual and as an artist in Israel. I know that each moment and everything you do is something that will forever influence your view of the world. It seems like you are taking advantage of all your opportunities and I get to experience them through your blogs. You are cultivating me as an individual and artist by sharing your experiences. Thank you and I wish you continued great experiences during your study abroad and after you return.

    • You’re welcome, Josh. Thanks for the words! We should chat soon!

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