Experiencing Vertigo: The Texture of Sustainability

September 24, 2011

What is sustainability? What does it look like? What does it feel like?
You can get an idea through my photos of the Vertigo Eco-Art Village.


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Yes, we built mud bricks. Our class started at 7am, before breakfast. The mud was cold, but eventually felt great to play with. What’s even cooler is that the bricks we made will take up to two weeks to dry, and when they’re done, they’ll be ready to use in the village. We can say we helped build part of it!


This is the last (and best) brick I made!


  1. Awesome pictures…your mud brick was very square! hahaha!!!

    • It took me a couple flops to finally get the technique down!

  2. Love it – as a former farm girl myself, I feel a real connection to your experiences with mud and sustainability! Looks like a great time – enjoy! Julia

    • Julia, you MUST visit the Vertigo Eco-Art Village sometime!

  3. very cool! you’ve left a little bit of carlo behind!

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