“How’s the food?”

September 25, 2011

“How’s the food?”

Yes, it’s the most frequently asked question!

Food over the past month has been a challenge to figure out for me, being not-so-good in the kitchen. I enjoy eating it, but leave me to prepare my own food and I’m going to need a little bit of help. Please enjoy this photo caption blog about my food experiences so far.



It’s interesting that basically half or more of my friends here are vegetarian or prefer to eat little red meat. This makes it easy for me to choose vegetarian options, and have to go out of my way to eat meat. I don’t mind, as long as I’m still getting enough protein!

That aside, potluck meals with friends is where it’s at! We all talk about food, how to cook it, where we got the ingredients, etcetera. Gathering together over food really encourages me to do a little more exploring in the Shuk and in the kitchen. I’m on my way to a dinner tonight, in fact. I’m making pasta, and bringing a cheese for it that I bought today.

Here’s to good eats and learning many delicious things!


  1. carlo,
    this was a really fun post! and the pictures got progressively yummier and yummier. say hi to kyle for me, please!

    • Thanks, Jeff! You should have seen dinner last night!

  2. 2 things:
    1). Hi Jeff! I have a blog too, and you can follow my Israel activities as well if you like! I hope the semester is going well for you, we are taking a wonderful Dance history in Israel course right now which makes me think of you. 🙂
    2). Carlo, …I think this is my favorite blog post so far! Last weekend was the best brunch to date. Good combo of peoples and foods. 😉

    • This post felt long and silly at first, but the food story is just so real! The pictures tell it well!

  3. OMGFoodie: Israel Edition! I’m so jelly! Everything looks wonderful! Especially the fresh tea — so intriguing.

    • The tea is really quite simple, too! And thanks for the mention on Twitter! 🙂

  4. Definitley my favorite blogpost so far.
    I will even excuse you for all the bad hair day pictures of me that are in it haha

    • Now that you’ve gotten a new, sharp-looking haircut, I don’t think you’ll have any more bad hair days for a while!

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