…אין עוד שיוריבית, אין עוד ספרים

September 26, 2011

No more homework, no more books…
…no more teachers, dirty looks!

It’s the end of Ulpan today! I took my final exam this morning. I feel confident about what I left on the test paper. I’m especially proud of my essay, about why I like to live in Jerusalem (and also why I don’t). A big thank you goes out to Elisa for studying with me last night after our late dinner. It really did help. Another thank you is due to the special chocolate bar that I snacked on during the test to keep my blood sugar up, and my mouth amused. Here’s a demonstration:

Of course, many thanks go to my Ulpan teachers, Rinat and Carmel… Without their intense yet nurturing instruction, I’d be lost in a foreign country without a word to help me find a bathroom or ask for a better price!

To tell you the truth, I’ve grown quite fond of Modern Hebrew, and I wish the language courses during the semester didn’t directly conflict with so many dance classes I want to take! Well… I have a couple more weeks to really figure out my schedule. We’ll see if I end up fitting it in!

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