Some Simple Travel Tips

October 3, 2011

It seemed a good idea to thrust ourselves into Tel Aviv with no plans.
Here are some things this travel novice has learned.


  • Carry cash, and have enough to spend. That’s self-explanatory.
  • Carry identification. Your driver’s license will do, but your passport is ideal.
  • Carry your health insurance card with you. You never know!
  • Carry as little as possible, especially if you’re walking with a backpack.
  • Make sure your electronics are fully charged.
  • Book the hostel early to guarantee the cheapest accommodations.
  • Know of at least a few key destinations you’d like to visit. Look at a map.
  • Know when things close, and when bus and train schedules change.
  • Don’t be too proud to ask for help once in a while.


You read these tips in travel books, but it’s not until you make your own mistakes that the lessons really stick with you.

I would have done only one thing differently during this day trip to Tel Aviv:  I would have tried to sleep on the beach overnight. The sand on the shore of the Mediterranean sea is as fine as flour, and the temperature at night is still warm. I’ll try it next time for sure.


  1. once, i got caught after curfew at my hostel (was attending a joan baez concert in jerusalem). had to BEG the hostel guy to let me in… we learn from our mistakes! hope you have a lovely night on the beach sometime soon…

    • I just looked up Joan Baez and she’s making it onto my iPod. 🙂

  2. […] I went to Tel Aviv with Elisa, Benny, and Daniel. This trip was definitely more successful than the first one to Tel Aviv! In this post, I write […]

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