Waffles for Dessert

October 7, 2011

Tonight, I went with some friends to downtown Jerusalem, in search of some dessert. We hit a place called Babette, just a block away from Ben Yehuda. The place was small and cozy, even though it was busy. It had the feel of a coffee shop, but with waffles as the main attraction.

We decided to share two waffles among the four of us, with two different flavors on each. Altogether, we tried:  maple syrup, butterscotch with chocolate shavings, vanilla creme with coconut, and hot chocolate sauce. The two waffles and a side of whipped cream cost us 60NIS, or 15NIS a person. Each bite was rich with flavor, and made the trip downtown well worth it. My favorite may have been the butterscotch with chocolate shavings. It was as sweet as condensed milk! I highly recommend it!

Oh, and I asked what the whipped cream was made of, as I noticed they used the same stainless steel whipped cream makers I used when I worked at Starbucks. Where Starbucks uses vanilla syrup, Babette uses powdered sugar! Sweet, literally!



If you’re in downtown Jerusalem looking for a treat, hit Babette for a waffle and a coffee! Sitting both inside and outside are great, but try to stay a while to soak up the scene.

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