Running Log: 6.07 km

October 11, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

Distance:  6.07 km

Time:  7:49am; 32 minutes, 9 seconds

Route:  From the Kfar HaStudentim, French Hill Falafel, Ammunition Hill Station. Followed the train tracks to HaShuk Mahane Yehuda.


  • Even though I went out last night, I felt ready to go this morning.
  • I raced the Old City-bound train from Ammunition Hill and beat it to the shuk.
  • Cat calls at the Damascus Gate station.
  • I bought a kippah, for when I visit Meah She’arim.
  • It feels GREAT to not just be a visitor. Slowly becoming a local by acquiring acquaintances:  (1) Stopped by to see Berke at the cheese shop, talked about the possibility of a mac and cheese dinner. (2) An Academy dancer I met last night at the shuk party tapped me from behind at the shuk today. Her English isn’t too good, but I was able to tell her in Hebrew that I ran from the Kfar HaStudentim to Mahane Yehuda. A high five followed. (3) Saw the same public transportation statistician on the train, said hello.
  • Took the train back to the kfar.

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