Running Log: 8.07 km

October 20, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

Distance: 8.07 km

Duration:  40 minutes, 13 seconds

When:  20 October 2011, 5:51pm

Route:  I ran from the Kfar HaStudentim past Mister Zol, then discovered a running loop in French Hill. I just ran the loop until Nike+ told me I hit five miles.


  • I ran in the evening. It was cold, and I should have worn a long sleeve shirt instead of a heavy, sweaty hoodie.
  • I had an interlude with another man that was running on the loop, in the opposite direction I was. We passed each other three times.
  • Running in Jerusalem is gruesome because you always seem to be running uphill.
  • The cold air was a good workout for my lungs.
  • I thought about the symmetry of running and what it does for my dancing body.
  • Brian Brooks Moving Company’s “Motor” came to mind.
  • Walking through the kfar to my apartment, I was attacked by kittens. I crouched to take a photo of them playing, and they hopped up on my lap. I normally dislike touching wild animals, but they were really cute.


  1. attacked by kittens!
    a new horror/dramedy by carlo!
    coming to an internet cafe near you!

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