Martha Returns to Israel

November 6, 2011

O Martha.

Last Monday, the Academy was given a master class by Martha Graham Dance Company principal dancer, Blakeley White-McGuire. I opted to sit out because I had never taken the technique before. It was fascinating to watch as I had never been around the Graham technique up close. I truly look forward to the Graham courses I take this year.


Academy master class with Blakeley White-McGuire


Tonight, I saw the Martha Graham Dance Company at the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv. It was my first time seeing the New York based company–and all the way out here, no less! They performed the following Graham repertory:

  • Embattled Garden (1958)
  • Chronicle (1936)
  • Deaths and Entrances (1943)
  • Maple Leaf Rag (1990)

I had a hard time watching it at first, but I got more into it as the program went on. Oh, the theatricality! The line, the control, the articulation, and ornamentation. The musicality. The studies in staging, direction, and gesture! Even in stillness, they spoke volumes of the Graham’s technique and stage language. I wondered, “What is MY movement language? With what voice do I tell my own choreography? How do I teach my dancers to speak it?”

Here’s a clip of my favorite piece of the evening, “Maple Leaf Rag” :



After the show, I snuck backstage to see some familiar faces.


Backstage with PeiJu and Sam at the Israel Opera House


  1. how nice to see familiar faces all together, so far away.

    • Indeed, Jeff… A sight for sore eyes. 🙂

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