Cunningham and Cage

November 16, 2011


In light of recent posts expressing a few of my frustrations, I must take the time to explain one of the many enjoyments I have here. I adore the two classes I take in Cunningham technique. There is something calm, clean, and common sensical about it, which closely parallels the way I prefer to live, it seems. I approach the use of my body objectively, with regards to shape, energy, and muscularity.

“Be in the present.” A philosophy we use in regards to focus and efficiency of movement, and perfectly applicable to life in general.



“Cage” is simply for the sake of a fun title. I’d like to announce that I am still in search for a musician to work with in the process of producing choreography this year. The Cage to my Cunningham, if you will. I look forward to working with live music this year, and I need to prepare accordingly in my creative plans.

While there’s still time before I find someone, do any readers out there have any advice regarding this type of collaboration?

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