November 25, 2011

Thank you to all the guests that visited our apartment (and contributed food) tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. For some it was reminiscent of home, and for others it was their first Thanksgiving. The food was absolutely amazing—and might I add that our feast was completely vegetarian? I’m especially thankful for the decorations that were made and the cleaning that was done in preparation. And of course, many thanks go to Elisa for coordinating the evening… You’re amazing.

Here’s a video of the dinner scene.
Mind the mild obscenities; dessert had just been served.



Thanksgiving Dishes


Thanksgiving Decorations


Above all, I’m thankful for safety abroad, for the good company of new friends, and for the opportunity to study dance in a place like this. This experience is truly one of a kind. Happy Thanksgiving from Israel.


  1. SO much love in this room! THank you Carlo so much for playing host! One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories to date. 🙂

    • Kyle, these big dinners are a tradition I hope to bring back to Rutgers!

  2. “Get me some pie damn it”
    New personal motto

  3. […] to Carlo’s blog, where he has also posted video footage of out holiday festivities! Share […]

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Carlo!

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