Running Machine: 28.15 km

December 21, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

10 December:  2.64 km
11 December
:  3.41 km
12 December
:  5.05 km
13 December
:  5.39 km
14 December
:  3.16 km
15 December:  5.20 km
18 December
:  3.30 km

Perhaps I have previously mentioned the issue of public transportation here in Jerusalem. The Kfar HaStudentim is across Jerusalem from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. According to Google Maps, it’s 6 km to walk. It’s a 45-minute ride on the 68 bus. It’s a 25-minute ride on the 42 bus. It’s a 20 or less-minute ride on the free shuttle. The best of these options to me is the free shuttle, but those only run every two hours. Since I take ballet early every morning, I’m forced to take the earliest bus, which leaves the Kfar HaStudentim at 7:15 am. I arrive at the Academy at about 7:45 am. This leaves me an hour to an hour and a half of time hanging around the Academy before my first class starts.

This week, I decided to fit in a run each morning. Each run took no more than 30 minutes, which still left me a few moments to check my email and warm up for class. This new morning ritual is quite satisfying, as it grants me alone time in the morning when the campus is quiet, allows me to listen more to music I’ve been neglecting, and gets me nice and warm for ballet. Also, I’ve noticed (or rediscovered) that the larger muscle groups in my legs are finding much more relaxation, as I’m running relatively longer distances than they’re used to working on a normal basis. Also, I’ve found increased sensitivity in the articulation of my feet.

The runs even help energize my morning. The only drawback is that I’m way tired by the evening, But I could perhaps attribute that to other factors, like whether or not I’ve had a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, or the amount or quality of food I’m eating.

I think I’ll continue running as much as I can to routinize it, and perhaps in a few weeks finally begin training for bigger goals. There was a 5K in Jerusalem just a few weeks ago, and I’d at least like to catch the next one. Also, If I keep this up, I’ll simply resort to a weekly progress report.

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