Oh, to audition!

January 14, 2012

I auditioned for Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company today at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv with my roommates.

The weather was blustery, the commute long, and the air around Studio A practically vibrated with concentration and nerves. Though the space provided for the dancers in waiting was tiny, everyone seemed to find room somewhere to dry off and warm up. I used a staircase.

I nerded out at these auditions. In attendance were people I’d seen before in classes, members of companies I had seen in performance, and even one person that had taught me repertory here. When I finally saw Inbal and Avshalom, my eyes lit up. They’re real! They’re people, just like in the powerpoint presentation we saw in Dance in Israel, but living and breathing before me …and passing between them a numbered list of dancers.

I think my greatest awe simply lay in this:  Inbal, Avshalom, and their dancers teaching the repertory combinations are what make up the company, and conjure the rich images that have made me fall in love with their work.



Oh, to audition! To wear just the right thing, and try to keep your sticky number from falling off. I must say that knowing a good amount about the company, their work, and their aesthetic, really helped me contextualize the material given to us. The movement was a pleasure to dance and act. I actually had a lot of fun. Without giving away too many details, I was cut after three rounds, right before the final one.

Before I left, I introduced myself, thanked them, and then brought up her work being set at Rutgers. It’s crazy that I saw Inbal Pinto just today, and that she’ll soon be in New Jersey at my school teaching my friends. (Again, enjoy!)

My roommates and I met for drinks afterward at a great tequila bar in Florentin and then made our way back to Jerusalem. From the time we left this morning to the time we came back, it was about twelve hours! Indeed, I’m tuckered out and plan on going to bed early. I’ll be well rested for tomorrow, and what the new week will bring.


  1. carlo, we’ve been working with talia on the inbal project for the past 2 weeks, and the kids thought it was amazing when you posted about the audition on facebook during our rehearsal. isn’t the world small, and getting smaller…

    • Indeed, the world gets smaller as our minds open! 🙂

  2. congrats on your great progress through that audition! Talia just left and Inbal comes next week…love the synergies that are happening cross-culturally and geographically! Best, to you, as always – Julia

    • Thanks, Julia! Enjoy your visit with Inbal Pinto… These synergies—so far between Danielle, Noa, and Inbal—are evidence that we really aren’t that far apart. 🙂

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