.כל יום שישי, כל ישראלים רוצים ללכת למוזיאונים

February 25, 2012

כל יום שישי, כל ישראלים רוצים ללכת למוזיאונים.
Every Friday, all Israelis want to go to museums.
(A passage from our Hebrew language textbook.)


Elly and I bused and walked to the Israel Museum yesterday.


We found wild poppies in a park.

We walked through a fancy hallway.

Our main mission was to see a dance exhibit a friend had mentioned. It turned out to be a display of the work of Sharon Lockhart / Noa Eshkol, and works in movement notation. Videos were projected onto large white blocks in a huge room, each video demonstrating a movement study. Elly and I mimicked the videos right in front of the blocks, our casted shadows joining the dancers in the video. Other museum-goers followed suit. The adjoining room showed some of Eshkol’s wall carpets, drawings, diagrams, photos, and communications.

Taking photos was prohibited, so the supplemental images were found on the Internet.

Photo courtesy of artiscontemporary.org

Photo courtesy of the University of Oregon

I was fascinated by the sketches because they visualized movement in geometrical shapes. My mind especially enjoys seeing movement represented this way.

We also wandered (and wondered) through a few other exhibits. One on “innovative design,” a Dada collection, some Pop Art. I was amused to find works by Picasso, Pollock, and Rothko. I’ve seen more of their works at the New York MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and even at the San Francisco MOMA. In a way, going to museums in different parts of the world and finding works by familiar artists makes me feel at home …almost in the same way that Starbucks can. But I digress.

Shabbat shalom.

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