Yes, we’re learning more repertory!

February 27, 2012

Tomorrow marks day three of a marathon of sorts learning the newest piece to be studied and performed by the Jerusalem Academy Dance Ensemble.

We are working on a section from Crystal Pite‘s Matter of the Maker, taught by Sharon Vazanna. The piece was originally created for the Cullberg Ballet, from Sweden. Though learning the section so quickly is temporarily taking a toll on my body, my curiosity about the piece and the collateral research both trump the soreness in my hamstrings, glutes, and fibularis muscles. I’m so grateful to be learning this repertory!

I remember seeing Pite’s Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue performed by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet a few years ago at the State Theater in New Brunswick. Here is a video trailer of the piece I had seen those years ago.



This is really some winter “break.” At least I’ll be ready to hit next week’s start of the Academy’s Spring Semester head on!

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  1. […] But seriously, each person that steps into a theater brings with them a different background of knowledge and experience. I’ll admit, I didn’t exactly go to see The Tempest Replica blindly. I did watch that above trailer at least. I had also read this harsh review by Alastair Macaulay in the New York Times just minutes before I left to catch the train into the city. And if I can make the stretch, I had even learned an excerpt from Crystal Pite’s Matter of a Maker while I was studying abroad in Israel. […]

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