Jerusalem Sounds and Art Jerusalem

April 10, 2012


Did you know that my program, Dance Jerusalem, is just one of three fine arts programs offered by the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University?


Jerusalem Sounds also has a home at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Art Jerusalem is offered through a partnership with the
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.


It’s amusing to discover how much I actually don’t know about the other programs and schools here because I’m so immersed in my own. It’s not unlike what it feels like back at home. Just the other day, and to my pleasant surprise, I saw these video works by a Bezalel student:




Like Kyle has mentioned in her blog, she’s producing a show called “Visiting Voices” that brings all three programs together in an exhibition of our coursework this year or semester. We’re all working hard to make it work and put together a great show!

It’s on May 23, just over a month away, held at Hebrew University.
Details (and official marketing) to follow!



  1. that’s some payes he’s got there.

    • Yes! I’m so intrigued by the Yiddish too, but that’s way out of my league for right now…

  2. I LOVE THIS! Genius. Seriously genius. SO happy you posted about this. 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s so true though. Why don’t we take some time (when we can find it!) to hang out over at Bezalel? Maybe we can hit up their cafeteria again!

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