Tel Aviv Half Marathon: Check!

April 13, 2012


On March 30, 2012, I ran the Gillette Tel Aviv Half Marathon!
Yes, it’s been two weeks since then, but I’ve been busy relaxing and recuperating.



The “morning run” has developed into a sort of personal ritual. It’s early, and most of the world around you hasn’t left the house yet. You eat something, lace up your shoes, and go for it. The morning of race day was the same, except upon approaching the race site near the sea, along Charles Clore Park, you knew that all the thousands of people there have been doing the same ritual you’ve been doing to prepare for today, and that today’s practice is a special one because we’re all doing it together.

The sights and sounds of the marathon were amazing. In the beginning, you’re running in a sea of neon orange race shirts. The space around you opens up during the race. All you see are people passing you up, because you’re looking forward. It’s tough to spot people you know. Water breaks always came as a pleasant surprise, as I rarely take water breaks when I go on runs. Musicians along the route are a blast. It’s nice to see people on the sides cheering runners on as well.

It wasn’t all easy. I did get bored. I did slow down at points. The long stretches, especially the one at the end, seemed to go on forever. But nearing the two-hour mark, it’s sort of expected. I wonder what it’s like to do the full race…


Anyway, this half marathon was my first race. I was excited, and I was happy.
Probably about halfway through, I realized I had been smiling so long my face hurt.



My finish time for the 21.1 kilometers was 1:57:32 !


It’s yet undecided what race I’ll do next. I’m thinking another coastal city, someplace sunny… California keeps coming to mind. A visit to my friends in Southern California is long overdue… Well, what I do know is that I’ll definitely train for the next one much more diligently. I don’t want to be limping again the day after the race!



  1. good for you, carlo!


  2. Hehehehe, that one photo of you, with your arms spread out, is great!!! You look so happy. What a cool photo to keep as a memory . Mazel tov!

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