May 11, 2012


The practice of list making makes me feel organized, yet a little crazy. Some might consider it a form of procrastination in itself, but I honestly don’t think that the busy month of May could at all be manageable if I didn’t write it all down on paper to see in front of me.

Without boring you all with the details, I am currently concerned with the following:

  • writing professional and personal emails
  • returning to a normal, busy dance class schedule
  • reviewing choreography for the Ensemble, finals, and student choreography
  • organizing the programs for Visiting Voices
  • ironing out the details for some small trips to Tel Aviv
  • attending interview this week for a potential short internship
  • planning my last rehearsal before Visiting Voices
  • searching for a good dance party to celebrate Kyle’s birthday
  • keeping myself well fed, well rested, and well hydrated
  • oh, and doing my homework

I would also like to blog more because there are so many amazing things to talk about. In short, this is an amazingly trying time because I really only have a month and a half left here. Though I’m very much looking forward to return, there are no words to describe how much I’ll miss Israel. But I’ll save the mushy, more poetic stuff for later posts.

As for now, I have a long list of things to do tonight and tomorrow if I want to get next week started right. Shabbat Shalom, everyone!


קרלו – Carlo

P.S. If you forgot just how punny I am, please enjoy this song:


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