Batsheva Ensemble: Tabula Rasa / Lost Cause

June 1, 2012

On Thursday, May 3, Dance Jerusalem went to the Jerusalem Theater to see a performance by the Batsheva Ensemble. The program included Ohad Naharin’s Tabula Rasa (1986) and Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar’s Lost Cause (2010).



The pairing of Tabula Rasa and Lost Cause made for a successful program, in my opinion. At face value, the two pieces, obviously vastly different, are able to showcase the versatility of Batsheva Ensemble dancers. Audiences are able to sample emotive versus robotic expression, and romantic versus more abstract themes. The program also works as an opportunity for direct comparison between two Batsheva repertory pieces, created two and a half decades apart.

Tabula Rasa was created in the early stages of Naharin’s career, at a time when his choreography was more freshly influenced by his recent involvement with the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York. Sharon Eyal and Gai Bahar’s Lost Cause is a satire of classical modern dance. The pairing of the two speaks to the tongue-in-cheek humor for which I have come to admire about the Batsheva Dance Company.


Lost Cause, Photo Credit: Gadi Dagon


Enjoy this trailer for Naharin’s Tabula Rasa:


  1. i got chills.

    • Yes! And this piece is as old as me… Talk about staying power!

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