Israeli College Student Day 2012

June 4, 2012

Something I’ve really come to appreciate about the Jewish cultural Middle East is their celebration of a generous amount of holidays. Many of the ones that stop the city of Jerusalem in its tracks are described in sacred texts. Others, like Yom HaStudent (יום הסטודנט), or Israeli College Student Day, are simply widely observed mental health days.



On the eve of Yom HaStudent, I attended a huge concert in Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher with two of my best, Elly Hollenhorst and Berke Goldberg. Here was the lineup:


Aviv Geffen

Berry Sakharof

Hadag Nahash

The Idan Raichel Project

Mosh Ben Ari

Sarit Hadad


We spent time watching the bustle from a hill. We spent the one whole Idan Raichel Project concert up front in the pit. We had a good time rubbing elbows, literally, with tons of other college students. We ate Chinese food. We spotted people we knew, including Noam, the owner of our favorite dried fruit and nut shop in the shuk.

Please enjoy some of these rockin tunes.




Photo Credit: Elly Hollenhorst


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