Gaga. I must keep moving until the end.

June 20, 2012

It’s no doubt that this Spring semester has taken a lot out of me. We finished off our choreographic works, have performed student works and professional repertory, the highlight of which was dancing on the main stage at Suzanne Dellal. This week, I finish my studies with technical exams. But in an effort to squeeze out just a little bit more dance from this experience in Israel, I’m turning to Gaga.


Photo Credit: Gadi Dagon


In response to this invitation from the Gaga website, I went with Kyle and Elly early this Sunday morning to the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv to take a free Gaga class from an in-training Gaga teacher. It felt great to take a class from someone completely new. Her queuing was smooth and brought new approaches to my experience. The studio was small and steamy, and after drying ourselves off, we made our commute back to Jerusalem.

…and then we took our last Gaga class of the year with Aya.

Upon arrival here in Israel, I wondered if more than one Gaga class in a day would be too much for my brain. Our workshop at the beginning of the year consisted of two days a week for three weeks of class followed by Naharin’s repertory. A few times during the year, I took Aya’s Gaga classes at The Academy back-to-back. This Sunday’s experience was perhaps the best and most telling of all.

Gaga in Tel Aviv, Gaga in Jerusalem. Two different instructors, and an opportunity for me to continue research from the morning into the afternoon. My body felt available, and I found new ways to free myself from habits.

These free teacher training practice courses are available through the rest of my time here, and I think I would like to escape to Tel Aviv as much as I can to participate. With exams coming to a close, I need to fill my last week with just that little bit more—especially because it’s cheap and easily accessible here.

What an amazing pleasure it has been to be able to study Gaga here in Israel.  With a more frequent and more consistent practice, I wonder what possibilities lie in the freeing of my mind and body. Only the future will tell when I might make the opportunity for myself again.

There are intensives sprouting up in several different parts of the world, during summers and winters. There are resident Gaga classes in key spots in nearby New York City. And of course, there’s always the option of returning to Israel for some deeper immersion…

And you. Go take a Gaga class. You’ll love it.

One comment

  1. I went again this morning for another fun-filled class. This new instructor-in-training freed my mind in another way. I could be addicted…

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