Hebrew Dance Terms

Here’s the Hebrew vocabulary essential to Dance Jerusalem—the words they didn’t teach you in base-level Ulpan. Contact me to make corrections or additions!

Body Parts
גוף guf body
ראש rosh head
יד yad hand, arm
ידיים yadayim hands, arms
כתף ktef shoulder
כתפיים ktefayim shoulders
גב gav back, spine
חזה chazeh chest
ּּבטן beten stomach, abdomen
האגן ha’agan pelvis (literally “the bowl”)
רגל regel foot, leg
רגליים reglayim feet, legs
ברך berech knee
עקב akev heel
כרית karit ball of the foot (literally “cushion” or “pillow”)
סוליה solyah sole of the foot
אצבעות etzba’ot fingers, toes
Other Nouns
אלכסון alachson the diagonal
פינה pinah corner
סיבוב sivuv turn
ארבע נקודות arba nekudot four points (shoulders and hips)
קדימה kadimah forward
אחורה achorah backward
בחוץ bechutz outside, outwards
פנימה pnimah inside, inwards
שמאלה smolah to the left
ימינה yaminah to the right
למעלה lemalah up
למטה lematah down
לישר leyasher to straighten
לשחרר leshachrer to relax, release
לנשוף linshof to exhale
לזוז lezuz to move
להשתמש leheshtamesh to use
להסתכל lehestakel to look
לראות ler’ot to see
להסתובב lehestovev to turn
Instructions and Evaluations
מוכנים muchanim ready
עוד פעם od pam once more
שוב shuv again
צד שני tsad sheni second side
ככה kachah (like) so
כמוֹ kmo like, as
ברור barur clear
בכלל beklal in general, generally
ממש mamash very, really
יופי yofi lovely, wonderful, beautiful
בדיוח bediuch right, exactly, precisely
לא טוב lo tov not good
לא רעה lo rah not bad
נכון nachon okay, true, right, correct
לא נכון lo nachon untrue, wrong, incorrect
ראשון rishon first
שני sheni second
שלישי shlishi third
רביעי revi’i fourth
חמישי chamishi fifth


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  2. very cool!
    it’s fun to see how ancient hebrew gets modernized for different uses (‘cushion’ for ball of foot, etc.).

  3. Thanks for compiling this list! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’ve been taking class in Jerusalem for 5 months now and a list like this is super helpful for class!


    • I’m so glad you found this list helpful!
      I’m curious. Where are you dancing in Jerusalem?

  4. LOVE THIS: Shared on my facebook page with my co-dance jerusalem friends. we are loving it here and i will be reading through your blog. i just read your last entry and made me cry (in a good/happy way)

    • Tori, thanks! I’m sorry the dance terms list is pretty limited, but it should help get things started! Good luck this year! 🙂

  5. The word for “ready” is actually מוכנים, as opposed to בוכנים.

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