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Acrobatics and Adama

June 8, 2012


On Thursday, May 24, Dance Jerusalem rode to Mizpe Ramon
to the middle of Israel’s Negev Desert to visit Hangar Adama.



From my journal:

We had found ourselves in the desert, with the freedom to take whichever classes we wanted … Acrobalance abounded, and though muscular in nature, a heavy emphasis was put on trust … We slept collectively in one of the studios, but many other convention goers slept in tents under the stars … Everyone was friendly and willing to share knowledge, or a nice back massage … Balance, balance, acrobalance, balance … Muscles, joints, quiet…

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Earthquake in Jerusalem?

May 11, 2012

I think we just felt an earthquake. Updates to follow.


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I guess there was an earthquake this morning at 6:17am. 

Ynet has the scoop, at 10:16pm.,7340,L-4227887,00.html 

JPost joins in at 10:31pm. 


Exclusive interview with Kyle Georgina Marsh

Can you describe exactly what happened?
I was just sitting in my apartment enjoying a regular Shabbat, watching YouTube videos and talking to friends, and suddenly, my roommate says, “Quick, shhh!” The whole building was shaking. It was like being gently rocked to sleep. We heard people screaming in the hallway.

Did anyone get hurt?
No. We just folded our legs, sat on the couch, and enjoyed the moment.

Have you been in an earthquake before?
Yes. I grew up in Hawaii and Japan, so it’s pretty normal.


The new year is on fire.

January 2, 2012

Happy new year, everyone!
Here’s to dancing like we’ve never danced before.