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A Letter to Myself, In the Spirit of Packing Lists

June 15, 2012

Dear August 2011 Carlo,

With approximately two weeks left in Israel, I am preparing to leave in the way I know best:  making lists. As I decide what to pack and what to do away with, I find myself revisiting a familiar place in my mind and it’s where you are now, packing and freaking out about leaving for Israel. Now almost ten months wiser about living in this place, I’ve decided to compile a few packing lists for you, my August 2011 self:

  • things you’ll be glad you brought
  • things you had no idea you needed
  • things you need to buy right away
  • things you totally don’t need

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Atrophy of the Common Dancer

September 16, 2011

“The instructors amuse me. They’re not used to speaking in English, so they’ll once in a while say a word in Hebrew and then survey the class for translations. It really is something observing their English word choices. Aya had wanted to explain something the other day about articulating our feet. (A perfect lesson for me.) After she surveyed the class, she landed on the word ATROPHY.”

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VICTORY: student visa obtained

August 16, 2011

There remain 13 days before my departure for Israel.



I finally picked up my passport from the Israeli consulate. This trip was less complicated than previous ones because I didn’t have to go upstairs, empty my pockets, and go through the x-rays, and take a number to wait for my turn to visit three different windows. Today, I triumphantly walked straight through to the ground floor office, where my passport was waiting for me.


Allow me to give you a couple hints for OBTAINING YOUR STUDENT VISA.
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