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TLV: The Perfect Stay-cation

March 10, 2012

I write this from a PC in an apartment in Old Jaffa. The computer and apartment belong to a friend, Smadar, who is a fellow student at the Academy. I came out here with my good friend, Elly, to celebrate Purim, which is like Jewish Halloween.


Purim Dance Party


I must say that this three days spent in Tel Aviv was amazing. There’s something about staying in someone’s home that obviously trumps staying at a hostel to spend a few nights out of Jerusalem. Aside from saving money, it was great to be able to cook our own meals, shower privately, and not have to worry about the other guests staying in your domitory-style hostel room. Elly and I rented bicycles, explored parts of Old Jaffa, spent some hours on the beaches in Tel Aviv, and went out to eat a few times.


Photo courtesy of Elly Hollenhorst


It was pleasant to get away from Jerusalem for the weekend and feel at home in a different city, just a short bus ride away. I hope to be able to do it again soon. Thank you so much, Smadar!



P.S. The only regret is that I didn’t bother to bring my running shoes with me. The weather was PERFECT for it!

P.P.S. Can we just acknowledge that just a week ago, I was blogging about snow?


Between Einstein and Cohen

December 1, 2011

My favorite things to find in my iPhoto library are those really short video clips that were taken by accident. I don’t know why they’re there or why I don’t delete them, but by now I have come to appreciate accidentally capturing a moment.




In the spirit of randomly terrible videos, I recorded myself moving from the fourth floor of the Boyar building at Rothberg to the area just outside the Forum at Hebrew Univeristy. I ran, I walked, I passed some people. I suppose my intent is to capture what the space between those places is like, and what it’s like to move through it. I disregarded the stillness of the camera, so feel free to stop watching it if it makes you sick. Or better yet, just fast forward to the end.





This statue(?) can be found at at least two locations on campus. I remember seeing it the first day, reading the quote, and not thinking too much of it. But today, I related it to a piece I’m learning in Repertory 4. It’s Idan Cohen’s Mad Siren, which is actually showing at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv the day after tomorrow.



In the repertory class, Melanie tells us that there’s never a movement that is in complete balance. She says that the dancers in the piece are constantly researching the limits of the movement, even in performance. Essentially, the more we keep moving, and the further we go into the movement, the more easily we’ll be able to find balance, and the more interesting the movement will look.

Riding a bicycle implies that you’re actually trying to find balance through motion, and that it won’t just come to you. Going through the movement in Cohen’s repertory, we try to find more depth, length, and distance each time, never settling for complete equilibrium. What a great metaphor for life. Live, move, and research. Enough is never enough. Go forth! Etcetera.


This is a video I took of a recreational bicycle event that happened during one of my trips to Tel Aviv. Such a whimsical moment of staging, if I do say so myself.