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“So how was Israel?”

July 12, 2012

The most frequently asked question!

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Gaga. I must keep moving until the end.

June 20, 2012

It’s no doubt that this Spring semester has taken a lot out of me. We finished off our choreographic works, have performed student works and professional repertory, the highlight of which was dancing on the main stage at Suzanne Dellal. This week, I finish my studies with technical exams. But in an effort to squeeze out just a little bit more dance from this experience in Israel, I’m turning to Gaga.


Photo Credit: Gadi Dagon

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A Letter to Myself, In the Spirit of Packing Lists

June 15, 2012

Dear August 2011 Carlo,

With approximately two weeks left in Israel, I am preparing to leave in the way I know best:  making lists. As I decide what to pack and what to do away with, I find myself revisiting a familiar place in my mind and it’s where you are now, packing and freaking out about leaving for Israel. Now almost ten months wiser about living in this place, I’ve decided to compile a few packing lists for you, my August 2011 self:

  • things you’ll be glad you brought
  • things you had no idea you needed
  • things you need to buy right away
  • things you totally don’t need

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Israeli College Student Day 2012

June 4, 2012

Something I’ve really come to appreciate about the Jewish cultural Middle East is their celebration of a generous amount of holidays. Many of the ones that stop the city of Jerusalem in its tracks are described in sacred texts. Others, like Yom HaStudent (יום הסטודנט), or Israeli College Student Day, are simply widely observed mental health days.


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Earthquake in Jerusalem?

May 11, 2012

I think we just felt an earthquake. Updates to follow.


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I guess there was an earthquake this morning at 6:17am. 

Ynet has the scoop, at 10:16pm.,7340,L-4227887,00.html 

JPost joins in at 10:31pm. 


Exclusive interview with Kyle Georgina Marsh

Can you describe exactly what happened?
I was just sitting in my apartment enjoying a regular Shabbat, watching YouTube videos and talking to friends, and suddenly, my roommate says, “Quick, shhh!” The whole building was shaking. It was like being gently rocked to sleep. We heard people screaming in the hallway.

Did anyone get hurt?
No. We just folded our legs, sat on the couch, and enjoyed the moment.

Have you been in an earthquake before?
Yes. I grew up in Hawaii and Japan, so it’s pretty normal.


Snow in Jerusalem

March 2, 2012

I woke up this morning to flurries outside my window.

I have been told that if you’re out in Jerusalem and it snows, you should get home immediately. The public transportation shuts down and some main roads close because the city doesn’t have enough support to maintain the roads. It’s a shame that I didn’t do my grocery shopping earlier this week! It’s a double shame that such a snow day has to be wasted at the end of the week.



It snows here very rarely. Outside my window, I saw people scraping from the dustings of snow to make snowballs. If only they knew a good New Jersey blizzard. I regret not being closer to the Old City to take some photos. All the awesome sights must be neat dusted with snow, especially the Western Wall.

Check out this blog for a compilation of great photos of Jerusalem with a substantial amount of snow.


UPDATE, 8:30am:  I think I spoke too soon. It started coming down like crazy…\


UPDATE, 9:00am:  We leave the warmth of our dorm to do some grocery shopping.

Photo credit: Michaela Burns

Kyle bought snow-dusted roses from our favorite guy.

Kfar HaStudentim from the North Gate.

Broken umbrella, happy people.

Carlo, Kyle, and Elly, bundled up!


UPDATE, 10:00am:  The sun comes out, and it’s a nice day. Just like that…

10:00am - The sun comes out to ruin our fun.

10:00am - It was truly short lived.



Running Machine: 28.15 km

December 21, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

10 December:  2.64 km
11 December
:  3.41 km
12 December
:  5.05 km
13 December
:  5.39 km
14 December
:  3.16 km
15 December:  5.20 km
18 December
:  3.30 km

Perhaps I have previously mentioned the issue of public transportation here in Jerusalem. The Kfar HaStudentim is across Jerusalem from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. According to Google Maps, it’s 6 km to walk. It’s a 45-minute ride on the 68 bus. It’s a 25-minute ride on the 42 bus. It’s a 20 or less-minute ride on the free shuttle. The best of these options to me is the free shuttle, but those only run every two hours. Since I take ballet early every morning, I’m forced to take the earliest bus, which leaves the Kfar HaStudentim at 7:15 am. I arrive at the Academy at about 7:45 am. This leaves me an hour to an hour and a half of time hanging around the Academy before my first class starts.

This week, I decided to fit in a run each morning. Each run took no more than 30 minutes, which still left me a few moments to check my email and warm up for class. This new morning ritual is quite satisfying, as it grants me alone time in the morning when the campus is quiet, allows me to listen more to music I’ve been neglecting, and gets me nice and warm for ballet. Also, I’ve noticed (or rediscovered) that the larger muscle groups in my legs are finding much more relaxation, as I’m running relatively longer distances than they’re used to working on a normal basis. Also, I’ve found increased sensitivity in the articulation of my feet.

The runs even help energize my morning. The only drawback is that I’m way tired by the evening, But I could perhaps attribute that to other factors, like whether or not I’ve had a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, or the amount or quality of food I’m eating.

I think I’ll continue running as much as I can to routinize it, and perhaps in a few weeks finally begin training for bigger goals. There was a 5K in Jerusalem just a few weeks ago, and I’d at least like to catch the next one. Also, If I keep this up, I’ll simply resort to a weekly progress report.