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Running Log: 6.06 km

October 10, 2011

Group:  Berke, Kyle, and me

Distance:  6.06 km

Time:  5:10am; 41 minutes, 12 seconds (including walking)

Route:  Kfar HaStudentim, Ma’ale Adumim, past Mormon University, around the Bezalel/ Rothberg part of Mount Scopus campus, alongside the Arab neighborhood, back onto campus, past Aroma Espresso Bar, and back to the Kfar HaStudentim.


  • Leaving at 5:00 seemed crazy at first, but I feel great now.
  • We had taken a break to sit and admire the eastward view toward the Dead Sea. Right as we sat down, the sun began to rise. We chatted and stretched until the sun came up fully.
  • Yoga in the playground at the Kfar HaStudentim.
  • Breakfast a la Berke:  quesadillas, granola, and coffee/ tea.


Cheeseburger Tour

August 23, 2011

I think I’ve been subconsciously freaking out that I won’t be able to eat the same foods starting next week. There’s no real panic on the surface here. But every time I look at a menu, instead of being adventurous and checking out the different things any given establishment has to offer, I opt for the cheeseburger. I’ve always had a special place in my heart (and stomach) for cheeseburgers, as they’ve always been my default entrée. Lately though, I’ve gone burger-crazy. I seem to have found myself on a cheeseburger tour.

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