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Something I will NOT miss when I’m in Israel.

August 4, 2011

There remain 25 days until my departure for Israel.
I downloaded a nifty countdown app for my iPod. 

I pride myself in the fact that I don’t do much complaining at all. But this has gone too far without my saying anything.

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Ballet at PDT Studio

July 5, 2011

Please allow me to comment on the weather. It started off quite nicely this morning. I drove down to Princeton with the windows down, and cool air pouring into the car. Now, in the afternoon, I’ve got two fans on in my room on the highest settings. Cool glasses of water are helping out the situation too.

I would now like to announce that I am currently in the second week of the Princeton Dance and Theater Studio Summer Intensive 2011. Altogether, I only attend the two-hour ballet technique classes in the mornings, and when they get started, I’ll be doing more work than I could dream of in the partnering classes (as the ballerina-danseur ratio is uneven, to say the least).

I must say that the PDT Studio is quite the lovely operation, with three studios and a knowledgeable staff of ballet instructors. Also, though I didn’t think it possible, I quite enjoy being surrounded by much younger ballet dancers. It’s a beautiful thing to see the students training so young. For me, this full immersion into ballet world is doing a real number on my learning curve. I absorb everything, from class etiquette, to the pace of the class, to watching others, taking all corrections… It’s a different monster from the more modern roots I have at Mason Gross.

In particular, I’ve already developed a heightened understanding of adduction of the legs, engagement of my core, my arms’ relationship to my back, and (most excitedly) the articulation of my feet. It feels as if the longer I’m here, the less gray area exists around ballet in my mind. I’ve discovered a certain craving for this clarity. I even wrote down all of the center floor combinations that Nora taught us today. I find that knowing the terminology and really trying to remember the movement helps me solidify the skills for the future.

Since I’ve been living in ballet land for a week now, and have four and a half more to go, I’ve looked up some videos online to try to get more exposure. Here is a video of the Bluebird Grand Pas de Deux (Sleeping Beauty), as performed by Leanne Benjamin & Errol Pickford of The Royal Ballet. Holy brisé volé!