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A Letter to Myself, In the Spirit of Packing Lists

June 15, 2012

Dear August 2011 Carlo,

With approximately two weeks left in Israel, I am preparing to leave in the way I know best:  making lists. As I decide what to pack and what to do away with, I find myself revisiting a familiar place in my mind and it’s where you are now, packing and freaking out about leaving for Israel. Now almost ten months wiser about living in this place, I’ve decided to compile a few packing lists for you, my August 2011 self:

  • things you’ll be glad you brought
  • things you had no idea you needed
  • things you need to buy right away
  • things you totally don’t need

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Tel Aviv Half Marathon: Check!

April 13, 2012


On March 30, 2012, I ran the Gillette Tel Aviv Half Marathon!
Yes, it’s been two weeks since then, but I’ve been busy relaxing and recuperating.



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What are you running from? Toward?

January 13, 2012

Around New Year, other people’s resolutions motivated me to put myself on a training program to run longer distances. For the hell of it, I checked out some local races, and I happened to find one. So here’s the news:


I’m participating in the Tel Aviv (Half) Marathon on March 30, 2012.


It’s my first race ever, so I’m a little nervous. But why not? What is there really to be afraid of? Besides, the route promises to be satisfyingly beautiful.

I use and Nike+ technology to track my progress and manage my goals. The past two weeks of training has been fun. This morning, I will put in 8 miles before Ensemble rehearsal.

I have to reiterate:  Running has done wonders for my dancing since I took it up last summer. Sensitivity in my feet, strong legs, increased cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, alone time…

Wish me luck! And if anyone has any advice or REALLY GREAT MUSIC, please don’t hesitate to share!



Running Machine: 28.15 km

December 21, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

10 December:  2.64 km
11 December
:  3.41 km
12 December
:  5.05 km
13 December
:  5.39 km
14 December
:  3.16 km
15 December:  5.20 km
18 December
:  3.30 km

Perhaps I have previously mentioned the issue of public transportation here in Jerusalem. The Kfar HaStudentim is across Jerusalem from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. According to Google Maps, it’s 6 km to walk. It’s a 45-minute ride on the 68 bus. It’s a 25-minute ride on the 42 bus. It’s a 20 or less-minute ride on the free shuttle. The best of these options to me is the free shuttle, but those only run every two hours. Since I take ballet early every morning, I’m forced to take the earliest bus, which leaves the Kfar HaStudentim at 7:15 am. I arrive at the Academy at about 7:45 am. This leaves me an hour to an hour and a half of time hanging around the Academy before my first class starts.

This week, I decided to fit in a run each morning. Each run took no more than 30 minutes, which still left me a few moments to check my email and warm up for class. This new morning ritual is quite satisfying, as it grants me alone time in the morning when the campus is quiet, allows me to listen more to music I’ve been neglecting, and gets me nice and warm for ballet. Also, I’ve noticed (or rediscovered) that the larger muscle groups in my legs are finding much more relaxation, as I’m running relatively longer distances than they’re used to working on a normal basis. Also, I’ve found increased sensitivity in the articulation of my feet.

The runs even help energize my morning. The only drawback is that I’m way tired by the evening, But I could perhaps attribute that to other factors, like whether or not I’ve had a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, or the amount or quality of food I’m eating.

I think I’ll continue running as much as I can to routinize it, and perhaps in a few weeks finally begin training for bigger goals. There was a 5K in Jerusalem just a few weeks ago, and I’d at least like to catch the next one. Also, If I keep this up, I’ll simply resort to a weekly progress report.


Running Log: 7.50 km

December 3, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

Distance:  7.50 km

Duration:  41 minutes, 41 seconds

When:  03 December 2011, 5:19 pm

Route:  I ran from the Kfar HaStudentim’s North Gate to Ammunition Hill then down the rail line until the Central Bus Station.


  • My cherry Chapstick saved my life (or my lips).
  • I started off with Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” and she took it from there.
  • Saturday night is the end of Shabbat, but I went on this run before the train started running. I ran right in the middle of the tracks.
  • I finished my route with a hot chocolate at Net Cafe in the Central Bus Station, and it was delicious.
  • When I sat down, “Last Christmas” by Wham! played in the cafe. Peculiar, indeed. I thought I would miss Christmas music completely in Israel…
  • I was able to Skype with Evan on my iPod.
  • This was my first time running since I began classes at the Academy… Lots of energy!
  • It was cold out, but not too bad. Next running investment:  a pair of gloves.
  • I took the 6 bus all the way back to the kfar.



Running Log: 8.07 km

October 20, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

Distance: 8.07 km

Duration:  40 minutes, 13 seconds

When:  20 October 2011, 5:51pm

Route:  I ran from the Kfar HaStudentim past Mister Zol, then discovered a running loop in French Hill. I just ran the loop until Nike+ told me I hit five miles.


  • I ran in the evening. It was cold, and I should have worn a long sleeve shirt instead of a heavy, sweaty hoodie.
  • I had an interlude with another man that was running on the loop, in the opposite direction I was. We passed each other three times.
  • Running in Jerusalem is gruesome because you always seem to be running uphill.
  • The cold air was a good workout for my lungs.
  • I thought about the symmetry of running and what it does for my dancing body.
  • Brian Brooks Moving Company’s “Motor” came to mind.
  • Walking through the kfar to my apartment, I was attacked by kittens. I crouched to take a photo of them playing, and they hopped up on my lap. I normally dislike touching wild animals, but they were really cute.

Running Log: 10.24 km

October 14, 2011

Runner(s):  Just me.

Distance:  10.24 km

Duration:  51 minutes, 36 seconds

When:  14 October 2011

Route:  This was a run I did in Tel Aviv. From the Florentine Hostel down Derech Salame to Old Jaffa. Through Old Jaffa, down to the Port. I followed the Promenade all the way up to maybe Frischman beach, then back down to Derech Salame and back to the hostel.


  • It was my absolute goal to run near the beach.
  • I looked at a map once before taking off.
  • The view of the entire coast as I ran. Absolutely breathtaking.
  • There were MANY runners out as well, running up and down the beach.
  • I stopped a few times to take photos, of graffiti and friendly people.
  • There was water every once in a while at the beach entrances. Perfect!
I definitely need to run here again!